Guardian Client's Testimonials


When the doctor referred me to Guardian, I wanted to do a little more research to compare Guardian’s program to other providers. They all sounded the same, and due to timing I trusted the doctor’s advice. What I discovered was more than pleasant; it was uplifting. The Guardian professionals walked the talk, and they provided the best loving care for my mother. Whenever I visited, I saw her smiling, clean, and in the most comfortable state Thank you Guardian Scott W. (son of Emily W.)

What I have appreciated the most about Guardian is the caring attitude of the staff for my father’s difficult Hospice care. Moreover, they have shown me genuine understanding and support through these tough times.

Halina the Social Worker has the most attentive and patient way to listen to my issues and concerns. I will always be my father’s little princess, and I want my hero to feel as good as possible.

Thank you for all you do!

Judy P. (daughter of Stan M.)

Guardian’s people responded promptly, and to my amazement they knew how to deal with our culture, religion, traditions, and wishes for our style of living. I couldn’t believe that there exist programs like that, when strangers become a part of your family, and they assist you in battling anxiety, sadness and fear.

Mazal Tov to all of you!

(Clara A. wife of Dovid A.)

There is fear for the unknown, pain for the inevitable, discomfort from the terminal illness, and tears for the anticipated loss; but, there comes Karolina and her team, and they manage to bring normalcy to a very unpredictable state of our existence.

With profound gratitude!

(Abby D. daughter of Ramone D.)

Top quality care with love! What else does one need towards the end of her life?

Guardian Team, you are a Class Act!

Leo R. (son of Victoria R.)

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