Physical Therapy Services


Anyone who has been physically incapacitated knows the frustration that comes with not being able to function normally and comfortably while engaging in everyday activities. For senior adults, this can be particularly life-changing as they imagine their independence and freedom diminishing. Physical injuries can take months to improve, and truly, the type of help and guidance you receive immediately could make a significant difference in securing safe and successful improvement.

If you are homebound, finding the right professionals to assist in treatment and recovery does not need to be challenging or daunting. Call Guardian Home Health Care and begin the process of rehabilitation with the ease of mind that comes from knowing you are in the best of hands.

Whether a short recovery is indicated or a longer period of recovery is expected, the physical therapy program will ease each patient into a customized treatment plan in accordance with the physician's orders, from the very first step all the way through completion. Patients are provided with the highest level of care available, with attention to detail in the specific areas that are to be addressed. A care plan is created that is appropriate for the level of treatment required by each individual patient. Solicitous caregivers offer kind, motivating and enthusiastic assistance, being experienced and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise.

Our trained professionals help maintain all progress, while encouraging the patient to continue to improve with a program that actually fits the individual person. The patient's progress is closely monitored for improvement goals, and carefully evaluated on a routine basis, insuring continued recovery with the proper treatment.

The injury is assessed and proper exercises and treatment are provided and taught to help restore flexibility, strength and mobility. After deciding on the home plan, safety instructions are discussed and explained to patient, caregiver and family, with special attention to techniques and tips that assist in home-care handling of the treatment plan.

The staff can help in acquiring medical equipment at home that may be necessary during convalescence, and the physical therapy assistant will be present within the home on a regular basis as needed. This allows for the continued observation of the patient and evaluation of all improvements.

The importance of being in familiar surroundings during physical therapy services cannot be emphasized enough. Patient's heal better and more rapidly in their own homes and with their own families. They can maintain independence while being nurtured and supported by their loved ones.

Call us. We are Guardian Home Health Care and we can help.

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