Post Operative Joint Replacement Program

Benefits of our Program: Guardian Home Health Care has created a well structured admission process. Prior to admission, the client is assigned a Community Relations Representative, whose role is to communicate with the client, surgeon and discharge planner concerning the admission process.

Upon arriving at home, a Registered Nurse and/or a Therapist will initiate services within 24 hours. Moreover, we can arrange for durable medical equipment (i.e. wheelchair, walker) ordering and delivery.

Our organization has over 15 Physical Therapists providing services in the client's area. We are adequately staffed to meet any client's needs.

Individualized care provided by specialists: All our nurses and therapists receive in-services and continuing education in the field of Joint Replacement. A comprehensive therapy program is customized to the client's needs with input from the client, the client's physician and therapist. Usually, there is high frequency of therapy visit (4-5 times per week) during the first two weeks after surgery. Moreover, goals are established and the client's physician is informed of the client's progress as needed, or as requested.

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